Haunticon Omaha 2020

Saturday, April 4th

11am to 7pm

Sokol Auditorium, Omaha

$30 Tickets NOW ON SALE

What is Haunticon?

Haunticon Omaha is a convention consisting of all things paranormal! Our inaugural event (2018) was held in an abandoned slaughterhouse in the Union Stockyards of Omaha and sold out with over 500 people in attendance. Our second annual event had over 800 attendees, and was at the incredible Sokol Auditorium.  Our 2020 event will also be at Sokol - the venue is amazing!

  • Meet representatives from many famous and well-known haunted locations from around the Midwest - learn about their location, and decide for yourself if you would like to visit there – or investigate! 
  • We will have paranormal teams educating people on the different styles of investigating, debunking evidence, and what all of the ghost hunting equipment is (and how to use it). 
  • Metaphysical shops, readers of all sorts, oddities, and so much more.
  • Meet and greet with several people that you have watched on mainstream paranormal television shows over the years.
  • Key note speaking sessions on various topics running all day, as well as interactive classes you may sit in on.
  • 600 square foot paranormal attraction / exhibit that is free with your ticket.
  • Live Music from 5:00pm-7:00pm thanks to JB Acoustic (in the main auditorium).
  • Haunted Photography Contest - must submit entry by March 15th.

Please follow us on your favorite social media platform to see updates as we release them.

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