What is Haunticon?

Haunticon is an interactive convention, consisting of all things paranormal and mysterious. We will have key-note speakers running all day, covering various topics. We will have a vendor floor full of haunted locations, paranormal investigators, film makers, authors, and more. There will be merchandise for sale: Ouija boards, Tarot cards, etc.  There will be panels, discussions, and ghost hunting classes.  And don't forget to try our escape room!


Sokol Auditorium - 2234 S 13th St, Omaha

Is there an age restriction?

Yes. This event contains sensitive material, and we don't want to give your children nightmares.  You are welcome to bring children 8 and over! 

What can I expect at the event?

Feel free to sit in on any speakers you like (they're all included in your ticket price). Meet & greet with the folks who own or run the most haunted locations around the Midwest - hear their stories, see their evidence, and decide if you'd like to make a trip to the location or book an overnight investigation!  Get readings: tarot, oracle, palm, and numerology!  Learn about Ouija, Tarot, and crystals from the Conjure Shop!  See evidence from experienced paranormal investigators, learn about the equipment and what all of it does! 

Is Haunticon still accepting vendors?

Unfortunately we are no longer accepting new vendors for 2019.